Hypnotherapy with Ola

“Unlike other talking therapies, Rapid Transformational Therapy focuses on quickly finding the root cause of your problem, and then takes the necessary steps to address – and ultimately remove it. This can include eliminating subconscious beliefs about yourself that are very often acquired in early childhood: it changes those deep feelings that can be the cause of difficulties in later life. And it produces results quickly!

A single therapy cycle consists of a two hour session, followed by repetitive listening of a personalised recording for 21 days that rewires the subconscious mind in the areas that we identify need to be addressed. After that we assess whether further sessions are needed, but very often just one therapy cycle brings a sense of wonderful relief. “

Rapid Transformational Therapy

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) was developed by Marisa Peer in London. Marisa bases her method on over 30 years’ experience and incredible success with treating clients. Marisa has worked with a number of celebrities, Olympic athletes, and even members of the Royal family. I had the privilege to study RTT directly from her.

RTT is a pioneering, multi award winning therapy. It is taking the world by storm and is proven to be incredibly effective, achieving results quickly.

Those who have had RTT often describe it as ‘mind blowing’ and ‘life changing’. For some, the change will occur immediately, while for others it may take a little longer. But the end result is the same – your life is transformed for the better. This is because this is a therapy that can be used to tackle a broad range of emotional issues that affect the day-to-day, as well as helping those without any specific problems, but are looking to boost performance, improve confidence or quite simply realize their potential. RTT quickly identifies areas in which you could improve and provides support to assist you. Life can be beautiful, peaceful and fulfilling, and you can be freed from undesired issues, feelings, thoughts and behaviors!

I do not claim to treat medical or clinical conditions where appropriate advice should always be sought first from a medical specialist or clinician.