Rapid Transformational Therapy

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) was developed by Marisa Peer in London. Marisa bases her method on over 30 years experience and incredible success with treating clients. Named the best UK therapist Marisa worked with a number of celebrities, royal family, and olympic athletes. I had the honour to learn directly from her. RTT is a pioneering, multi award winning therapy. It’s taking the world by storm and it’s proven to be incredibly effective and quick. RTT combines the most beneficial elements of hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), psychotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

The process is often described as mind blowing and life changing. For some, the change will occur immediately, while for others it may take a little longer. But the result is the same – your life is transformed. The therapy session is two hours, during which we will arrive at some deep insights into the root causes of the problem. After this, a bespoke recording will be created for you to listen to through which new neural pathways become established.

Rapid Transformational Therapy can be used to tackle a broad range of emotional issues. It is also beneficial for those without any specific problems, but are looking to boost performance, improve confidence or quite simply realise their potential. RTT quickly identifies areas in which the client could improve and provides support to assist them.

RTT accesses the subconscious mind where your deeper thoughts and feelings, values, involuntary habits and relationship patterns reside. People tend to assume that they are held back due to deficiencies in their personalities, but RTT shows us that its very often the power and interpretation of past events and subconscious feelings towards oneself that create issues, both psychological and physical.

RTT removes those negative, self-inhibiting beliefs deep rooted in our subconscious, which we may have unknowingly planted during childhood. Early coping mechanisms are a powerful driver in life and is often these outdated programmes which cause the issues one experiences today.

It’s time to free yourself from what holds you back and find the power to create the life you want and feel great about yourself! Life can be beautiful, peaceful and fulfilling, and you can be freed from undesired issues, feelings, thoughts and behaviours.

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