The RTT therapy with Ola was one of the most unique and significant moments in my life. I struggled to find help for years and this experience was exactly what I was looking for.
My life started to change literally the same day we had our first session and today I find myself in a better, more fulfilled place. I highly recommend Ola’s wonderful mentorship to everyone searching for improvement and real transformation!

Before the session I was skeptical. Soon it turned out that Ola dispelled all my fears – she captivated me with her honesty, openness, calm approach and her inner warmth. Therapy with Ola allowed me to gain self-confidence, free myself from toxic relationships and deal with anxiety. And at a surprisingly fast pace! Thank you, Ola!”

RTT session with Ola was a life-changing experience, and I wish I had done It years ago! I have been suffering from anxiety which was a big trigger of quite severe eczema. Before the first session, I was nervous, and I was not sure what to expect. Fortunately, Ola is a sensitive and emphatic person, and she made me feel comfortable and relaxed, so I knew I could open up. The whole process was an intense experience, and after the first session, I could feel a noticeable improvement. The usual panic attacks and anxiety don’t bother me anymore, my skin is starting to feel more comfortable, and I am less itchy. I feel more confident, and I have the skills needed to continue this work on my own. Having experienced such a positive change, I am very impressed – it feels like I have been set free!

After my RTT session with Ola I felt an instant new awareness about issues that have plagued me for years. I went to Ola about my memory problems and trusting in my own judgment, but I came away with insights about far deeper issues. Ola was a professional and incredibly intuitive therapist that I would highly recommend to anyone seeking an RTT session. Her confident and calm manner instantly put me at ease. After listening to the recording Ola gave me, I feel a big difference. Something inside me has shifted and my confidence in myself, my abilities and my memory have really gone up. It’s truly amazing.

Ola is so skilled at what she does. I presented her with a number of issues and she got to the heart of what we should focus on with really amazing intuitive abilities. I had experienced other types of hypnotherapy before, but the session with Ola was uniquely powerful and targeted. The recording she made specifically for me has undoubtedly had a positive impact on my anxiety, specifically socially. I’m really grateful to have the recording to return to in times of heightened difficulty and know the benefits of both the initial session and the subsequent recording will continue to become even clearer.  Thank you, Ola!

Right from the start Ola put me at ease with her kind approach and I felt that we built rapport very quickly. She was very understanding for my problems and really helped me to get to the bottom of my thoughts and discover a lot of new things about my emotional needs. I gained a lot of insights about my beliefs and felt positively transformed after the session.

I had the pleasure of having a session with Ola recently. She had an incredible ability to take me back to the root cause of my money blocks. Ola so cleverly helped me to uncover and piece together my limiting beliefs and gave me a clear understanding and informative perspective as to why I had these blocks. I felt Ola had a unique ability to make me feel relaxed and safe. I really felt heard and understood. She gave me a transformational recording at the end which was so empowering and felt all my needs had been met. It was truly a beautiful experience. Ola is a very talented and skilled therapist and I would highly recommend her.

My zoom session with Ola helped me to better understand the cause of my low self-esteem. She was very understanding and supportive which was very comforting especially while getting through deep emotions from the past. The recording she created based on our conversation is very inspiring and gave me powerful tools to improve the quality of my life by changing the way I think about myself and others. I’ll definitely keep on listening to it to in moments when I need to boost my confidence in the future. It was a life-changing experience. Thank you Ola!

Hypnotherapy with Ola is the next step in my path of self-development and consciousness. During the session I felt that I was in good, professional hands and I can trust Ola. After therapy and listening to the recording for 21 days, I felt a definite change. I feel more confident, and I can cope with problems that have accompanied me for years! Ola’s beautiful and relaxing voice led me through my therapy process. RTT hypnotherapy goes deeper and has a lasting effect. It really works!”

I have been unable to sleep deeply for a number of years now, the slightest noise can interrupt my sleep, my hypnotherapy session with Ola was great, she made me feel very safe and comfortable, Ola understood my problem, she listened to me when I requested that I needed a very slow soothing recording, she accommodated my request, she has a lovely voice and I loved the words Ola has used. I was also surprised by the root cause of my fear of sleeping, it was a scene I have never known (I must have decided to forget about it). If you are wondering whether to book or not I highly recommend it, I feel so light and there is nothing to worry about. I have been listening to the recording and can safely say that I now sleep deeply all the way through the night till wake up time, now I manage to get a full 8 hours per night, Occasionally I will wake and go back to sleep, so I am a very happy client! Thank you amazing Ola for giving me this gift of magical sleep.

I was little unsure about what to expect from the session, but Ola was fantastic in immediately making me feel comfortable and totally at ease. I had underestimated the power of RTT, and the insights I discovered about myself have proved invaluable. I came to understand that my chronic physical ailment was at least in part due to repressed emotions I had been harbouring, and over the next few weeks as I listened to the recording, there was a marked improvement in my overall condition. My energy levels are significantly higher, and I am so much more productive than ever before. I recommend Ola to anyone who is looking for a way to take a significant step forward in understanding themselves and reaching their greater capabilities.

“Ola is a skilled and considerate therapist. She was so in tune with my needs during the session, and allowed to take my time and discover so many hidden meanings I attributed to events in the past. This was a surprising and exhilarating discovery. The sense of relief and inner peace I feel now is intense in a good way!

The session was so smooth and seamless, it felt so perfectly natural. Ola put me at ease and made me feel safe and protected and (finally!) understood! I can’t begin to tell you how much it meant to me to finally have the space to face my demons and to slay them once and for all. The overwhelming emotion now is that ALL IS WELL and will always be well and I am and will always be safe.”

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