1. Consultation

The session lasts for approximately two hours. It opens with a conversation about you. Together we will explore all factors related to your condition, and what you would you like to eliminate. I will get to know you and gain insight into your current life, situation and thoughts. We will also discuss the outcome that you would like to achieve from RTT.

2. Hypnosis

You will be placed under a light hypnosis. Don’t expect anything extraordinary, it is a natural state of relaxed inward focus and should be a calming experience. You will have your eyes closed but you will be totally aware of what is happening and are always in control. You will remember everything afterwards, and if there is something you prefer not to say, that is absolutely fine.

3. Regression

I will guide you to go back to significant experiences from earlier in life that contributed to the present problem. You will be able to uncover scenes and feelings from the past. We will find the root cause of your issue and understand why it has remained with you. We will explore feelings about yourself that started in the past and contributed to the current issue. Then I will use several techniques that will help you remove that issue.

4.Post-session Recording

The session brings relief and understanding, but to make the effect permanent I will make a special recording just for you. After the session I will put together elements of what came up during hypnosis and create a recording that will rewire some of your unconscious beliefs and replace them with new beneficial thoughts. The transformative recording will be 15 -20 minutes long and you will need to listen to it in a relaxed hypnotic state every day for 21 days after the session. The mind learns by repetition, and listening to the recording will allow it to make new connections, ensuring the new beliefs sink in and get absorbed by the subconscious, permanently.

What makes RTT so effective?

RTT is able to access the subconscious mind where the deeper thoughts and feelings, values, involuntary habits and relationship patterns reside. People often think that they are held back due to deficiencies in their personalities, but RTT shows us that it is very often the power and interpretation of past events and subconscious feelings towards oneself that create issues, both psychological and physical. RTT removes those negative, self-inhibiting beliefs deep rooted in our subconscious, which we may have unknowingly planted during childhood.

Understanding in hypnosis is incredibly powerful. My clients gain profound insight as to why they developed a particular problem, and they are provided with the tools needed to eradicate it. All they need to do is be committed to the RTT process, and want a change to happen.

In a session that lasts two hours, I will work with you to unlock these deeper thoughts, allowing me to gather deep insights into the root cause of you problem. Using this insight, I create a bespoke recording for you that over time will allow new neural pathways to be established. For those who follow the method fully and listen to the bespoke recording for 21 days, results are permanent.

Now is the time to free yourself from whatever may be holding you back, take back the power and create the life you want for yourself!

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